Cube Fidget – Ideal HandHeld Toy for Stress Relief

Cube Fidget is a small portable toy that you can manipulate on each surface. There are switches, dials and buttons. It is relaxing when you push, press and play with. Cube Fidget has 6 sides, fulfilling all your fidgeting needs. Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll and Spin your way into focus.

New Cube Fidget with 12 sides which has been launched recently bring you more fun than ever. When you’re at work, school, waiting for an appointment, or dealing with the pressure of an anxiety disorder, the cube is the thing you should play.

The Cube Fidget is also well discussed among ADHD sufferers and parents of children with ADHD or Autism. It can soothe your or your child and keep them occupied for long periods of time and help them to focus.

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Why you need a Cube Fidget?


This is an addictive high-quality Fidget toy, which is designed to help you focus and relax at work, in class and at home. With this toy, it is much easier to relax and focus on other things.


As tasks in your life pile up, the tension of dealing with them also tends to rise. Let off some steam with all six sides of this cube that feature multiple options to help you replace stress with calm, anxiety with peace, and boredom with entertainment.


It is designed for people who can’t keep their fingers still, whether you are a clicker, a blinker, a roller or a spinner. This is why these amazing stress-relieving cube toys enter the market.


Small, light, easy to carry. This toy can be used anywhere in the office, commuting, classroom and meeting. Put the restless key in your pocket, bag or purse.


Kids will love it for its small size and variety, while adults will appreciate the quick and convenient diversion from sensory overload. If you’re feeling the effects of anxiety, or simply want to have fun, this cube can help you conquer the uneasiness and add enjoyment to your day

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Fidget Cube 12 Sides


1 – Gear: 3 gears to roll forth and back

2 – Rotating Disk: A circular dial which can be clicked and turned in any direction

3 – Triangle buttons: Buttons replicating a gaming controller

4 – Stress ball: Soft, elastic silicone ball can be pulled and pinched

5 – Joystick: Gaming joystick which allows for 360° rotation

6 – Silicone Rope – Allows you to hang your Fidget wherever you want

7 – Switch: On/off switch

8 – Soft clicker: Button replicates the feeling of clicking a pen

9 – Squishy Buds: Three cute little faces, won’t get angry no matter how hard you pinch them

10 – Sliders: Slide them back and forth to the rhythm of your life

11 –  Worry Stone: Use finger to rub it repeatedly to relieve stress

12 – Finger Massage: a soft, lumpy skin has the function of improving blood circulation

Fidget Cube 6 Sides



1 – Click: You can put the pen a side and click this 5 addicting buttons with 3 audibly clickable buttons and 2 silenced buttons

2 – Roll: Clickable ball and socket for quiet and loud fidgeting

3 – Glide: Joystick glides smoothly across the surface

4 – Flip: On/Off style switch

5 – Spin: Rotating dial that can be rotated 360 degree

6 – Breathe: Inspired by traditional worry stones for relaxation or anxiety relief when rubbed

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